Wiz Khalifa - BAR (Burn After Rolling)

Wiz Khalifa - BAR (Burn After Rolling)

! Burn After Rollin ! Track #1 from Wiz Khalifa's Burn After Rolling' mixtape titled BAR (Burn After Rolling) ! Burn After Rolling !
@chloetredgett Clinging onto the safety bar the whole time praying

RT @MissOfSilence: Mi sueño dónde está, durmiendo la tajá,que se ha pinchado con la rueca en el baño de un bar @LetrasMarea @_Frases_DeRock_

i can't eat half a bag of crisps or half a bar of chocolate.. i need the full bag!!! #fatty

@birdwingwords the airport bar is doing me just fine - see you SOON.

@QweenKoopa @alwayssmiless__ it was at a bar bawling. Like how I do

@meganEsull yea they hurt but not as much as my right calf! it has a huge motha fucking bruise! probably from the fuckin bar

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